Since young age I played with all kinds of art & craft materials and I was always eager to try something new. But I had to move to America to finally find my artistic home:

 the exciting and wonderful world of Polymer Clay!

A Boy Scout mom showed me a token made out of polymer clay. I was intrigued and curious how this was done. I booked a class – and since then I’m hooked!

I’m so thankful to all my friends at the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild – it is your encouragement and support that helped me to find my artistic expression.

Back in Germany I want to spread the word: there are new and exciting ways to work with this known but often unappreciated art medium.

Come in and find out!


Magazin Expression, July/August 2002

Advanced Training:

Sandy Camp III 2001, USA

Sandy Camp VI 2004, USA

Polydays 2005, England

Synergy 2008, Baltimore, U SA


Sarah Shriver 2002

Dan Cormier 2005

Lisa Pavelka 2006

Sarah Shriver 2007